Unique Handmade Designer Jewellery

The JC Lane Brand

JC Lane handmade designer costume jewellery is the creation of Melbourne born designer Janet Chow.

Primarily self-taught and guided by her appreciation for vibrant pop colors & natural flair for colour coordination, her jewellery range consists of eye catching pieces which intertwines boldness with wear-ability, slightly rocker & boho vibe to easy chic and inspiring pieces, often boldly peppered with splashes of fresh, modern and striking colour designs.

“I love working with different color schemes and have always been fascinated with the psychological properties of colors and its emotive effects.”

A lifelong Passion for Handmade Designer Jewellery

Janet believes creativity feeds our soul and enriches our lives and she has been creative for about as long as she can remember. Her brand JC Lane started to take form in 2006 after enrolling into a jewellery short course & by the end of it knew she was on the right path. Over the years she has engrossed herself in a multitude of intensive courses run by artists with specialist skills in the arts and craft field that compliment her own instinctive creative abilities.

Materials from Around the World

Materials for her handmade designer jewellery are sourced from all over the world involving interesting and unusual components.
As a fashion jewellery designer, she is always pushing the boundaries, combining both traditional & unconventional jewellery making techniques, marrying them with constantly evolving ideas and concepts.

JC Lane is a passionate expression of creativity channelled into handmade designer jewellery pieces that are stylishly individual, fresh and fashion forward.
Many of the pieces are one off designs only, with each piece lovingly designed and hand assembled in Melbourne assuring a totally unique and distinctive style.

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