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Unique Handmade Designer Jewellery

Fly Me To The Moon Bird Necklace in Red $59.00


Features a deeply aged antiqued finish tiny brass Black swallow taking off with dark miniature brass rocking chair suspended inside a vibrant Red wooden circular pendant. Strung on a striking Red & shimmering gold tone speckled oval link chain. A contemporary & unique piece sure to be a conversation starter.

Material mix includes: wood, gun metal, antiqued brass.

Chain length approx: 27″ (
Red wood pendant: 6.5cm (L)x (W)
Black Swallow Charm: 17mm (L)x(W) 20mm
Rocking chair:  18mm (L) x (W) 9mm

Drop Length: 32cm
*When worn around the neck, the drop length is how far a piece hangs from top to bottom.

$68 NOW $59

Price: $59.00