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Unique Handmade Designer Jewellery

Braided Bracelet – Gracie $36.00 (SOLD)


Peach & Watermelon. Go for understated easy weekend chic or laid back boho beach glam in these scorching hot braided wrist charmers. Stackem in multiples for a more dramatic boho impact. Charm engraved with the word love.
*10% of the proceeds go to this months charity Save the Children. Check out some of the other gorgeous colour combinations!

Material mix includes: gold tone chain, ultra soft micro-fiber suede cord, cotton cord, gold plated chain, Swarovski glass bead, seed bead, raw brass, 22K gold plated lobster clasp and barrel clasp ends.

Chain length approx: 7.5″ (18.5cm + 5cm extension chain)

*As all my pieces are handmade individually, no two will be exactly alike and there will be slight variations between each piece.

Price: $36.00