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Unique Handmade Designer Jewellery

Kya Necklace $109.00 (SOLD)


This gorgeous tribal inspired beauty speaks for itself.
Infused with gorgeous pops of colour, this piece is a combination of chic boho luxe and tribal elegance. The rare African trade glass snake beads will add a unique accent to you style. Will make for a stylish gift.

Material mix includes: African Trade glass snake beads, Vintage African Vulcanite beads (material used to make vinyl records), 24K gold coated ceramic squares, 1.5mm  gold plated snake chain, 24K gold plated cornflake bead, ceramic beads, 22K gold plated lobster clasp.

Chain length approx: 22″ (56cm)

*These unusual and precious African snake beads are very old as they have been around for many centuries, passed through many hands and some might have very slight minor chips on some of the edges. However this is part of their beauty and attests to their age and authenticity.

Price: $109.00 (SOLD)