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Unique Handmade Designer Jewellery

Maxi Necklace $69.00 (SOLD)


This delectable piece is yummy enough to eat. An eye catching everyday piece versatile for day or night. You’ll love the interesting texture of the colourful Vintage African vinyl record disks in combination with the scrumptiously smooth vintage Lucite Caramel Butterscotch beads. Note: do not wear when hungry!

Material mix includes: Vintage German Lucite Beads, 24K gold coated square bead, Vintage African Vulcanite beads (material used to make vinyl records), gold plated rope chain.

Chain length approx: 30″ (76.5cm)
Drop Length: 11.5″ (29cm)

*When worn around the neck, the drop length is how far a piece hangs from top to bottom.

Price: $69.00 (SOLD)