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Unique Handmade Designer Jewellery

Sierra Necklace – Dark Indigo Blue $85


This gorgeous tribal inspired beauty speaks for itself.
Infused with gorgeous pops of colour, this piece is a combination of chic boho luxe and tribal elegance. These beautiful Czech Snake Beads are made in Bohemia, Czechoslovakia.The original Bohemian Snake Beads can be up to 150 years old. They were made during the height of glass bead production within Czechoslovakia and are still the most sought after types of snake beads.

Material mix: Czech glass snake beads, Swarovski Neon pearls, Heishi brass spacers, sleek Gold plated chain, gold plated glass beads, gold plated lobster clasp.

Chain length: approx 22″ (56cm)

Other colours: Antique White, Turquoise Charcoal Black, Dark Violet Blue, Summer Yellow.

* Colour in flesh appears slightly darker in tone.

Price: $85.00