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Unique Handmade Designer Jewellery

Suede Braided Bracelets – BlueBelle $36


Go for understated easy weekend chic or laid back boho beach glam in these scorching hot suede braided wrist charmers. Stackem in multiples for a more dramatic boho impact. Each feature a sweet feather & angel wing charm to represent freedom & guidance.Half the proceeds will be donated to the Blue Dragon Childrens Foundation a very worthy cause giving an identity back to under privileged street kids in Vietnam.

Material: ultra soft micro-fiber suede cord, gold plated chain, raw brass angel wing & feather charms, 22K gold plated lobster clasp and barrel clasp ends.

Chain length: approx: 7.5″ (18.5cm) Will fit most wrist sizes.

*Also available in Sahara Sand, Bronte, Charlotte, Jade and Sahara Scorcher. If there is another colour preference in the thumbnail pictured with all of the bracelets please let us know which one & we are happy to customize.

*As all my pieces are handmade individually, no two will be exactly alike and there will be slight variations between each piece

Price: $36